Skateparks Update 12/20/2019

The skatepark at 3rd Street is now functionally open. Concrete skate features are complete and the fences are down.

The new skatepark still needs landscaping work, but that will have to wait until better weather comes next year. Similarly, the park has some steel elements that still need to be painted, which also require nice weather. Those elements of the skatepark will be completed as weather allows. Until then, skaters, BMX riders, and other wheel sports enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to use the park.

Parks officials just ask that users do their best to leave landscape elements undisturbed so crews can finish the final elements of the park as soon and efficiently as possible.

Near the end of next week, the fences should come down at the Peak View Skatepark. Much like the 3rd Street skatepark, Peak View will have some landscaping and steel painting work awaiting warmer weather.

Greeley officials want to thank the community for the support all the support and patience during the last few weeks of construction and weather delays.


In 2018, the City of Greeley began the process of creating a network of three community-designed modern concrete skateparks strategically located throughout the city. This network of skateparks will allow the majority of Greeley residents to access at least one skatepark within almost a mile of their home.

A months-long community engagement process with a series of interactive design workshops and open house sessions resulted in plans for a network of three unique skateparks designated for wheeled-sports enthusiasts to recreate, develop their skills, and foster positive community.

This summer, work began on these community-designed parks in Greeley:

  • A brand new, expansive modern street-style plaza at 3rd Street and 11th Avenue
  • Rebuilding Centennial Skatepark to create a flow and transition oriented facility
  • And a versatile skate spot retrofit at Peak View Park

Greeley’s most recent parks, trails, and open land master plan process identified a need for more and improved skateparks. These user-driven skatepark projects will help address that need with a network of parks incorporating a variety of features that encourage all wheel sports in Greeley and the surrounding area.

Greeley’s skateparks are being upgraded!

The City will retrofit one park, replace another, and build a completely new skatepark. The main plan is to create a network of parks with varied terrain that serves all wheel sports.

*During construction, work will rotate between skatepark locations to ensure at least one park remains open and usable at all times.

New Line Skateparks

Through Greeley’s RFP process, the City selected New Line Skateparks as our project consultant. New Line Skateparks is an industry pioneer with nearly 200 highly recognized projects and over a decade of concrete skatepark development experience. Find out more at