Sakteparks Update 08/22/2019

skateparkupdateaug22Work at Centennial Skatepark keeps moving closer to its scheduled mid-September completion.

In the last week, crews wrapped up the curved concrete ramps, bowls, and other complicated skatepark features. Work is starting on the concrete flatwork throughout the park and the high-visibility sports lights should arrive soon.

With all the earthwork done, construction on the skatepark at 3rd Street should start in the next week. Officials expect the skatepark at 3rd Street to open in October.

Work on Peak View Skatepark, the third, final, and already existing skatepark will begin the remodel and renovation near the end of September, once Centennial Skatepark opens.

The project is hiring on local contracts to assist with the concrete flatwork to help the entire project progress faster.

Officials have starting working to organize a grand opening ceremony at the Centennial Skatepark in October will celebrate and show off the skatepark project.

Greeley’s skateparks are being upgraded!

The City will retrofit one park, replace another, and build a completely new skatepark. The main plan is to create a network of parks with varied terrain that serves all wheel sports.

*During construction, work will rotate between skatepark locations to ensure at least one park remains open and usable at all times.

New Line Skateparks

Through Greeley’s RFP process, the City selected New Line Skateparks as our project consultant. New Line Skateparks is an industry pioneer with nearly 200 highly recognized projects and over a decade of concrete skatepark development experience. Find out more at