Greeley’s skateparks are upgrading!

Greeley’s skateparks are being upgraded and we need your help one last time! We have 3D renderings of the almost-final designs for Greeley’s new skateparks. What do you like about the designs, what needs to be changed or tweaked? We need to know your final thoughts before we move ahead.

Fill out the survey below to share your final thoughts and help make Greeley’s new skateparks the best they can be

The City will retrofit one park, replace another, and build a completely new skatepark. The main plan is to create a network of parks with varied terrain that serves all wheel sports.


We are hoping to break ground on Centennial Park by the end of April. 

*During construction, work will rotate between skatepark locations to ensure at least one park remains open and usable at all times.

New Line Skateparks

Through Greeley’s RFP process, the City selected New Line Skateparks as our project consultant. New Line Skateparks is an industry pioneer with nearly 200 highly recognized projects and over a decade of concrete skatepark development experience. Find out more at